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Partial & Complete Dentures

Damaged and missing teeth affect millions of American adults. If you are one of them, it may be time to consider dentures.

Many people put off scheduling an appointment, concerned that today’s dentures still resemble the dentures they remember their parents or grandparents wearing. Actually, you probably know many people who wear dentures and you don’t even realize it! Modern dentures are designed to look natural and fit comfortably and securely. A high quality denture can give you back your confidence and your smile.

What Are Dentures?

Partial and complete dentures are both removable prosthetic devices that fill in the spaces left by missing teeth. As you might have guessed from their names, partial dentures are used when you still have healthy teeth present, and complete dentures are used when you are completely edentulous (missing all your teeth) on your upper or lower arch.

A partial denture is held in place by clasps that fit around your healthy teeth. This prevents movement and helps the denture to sit comfortably and securely. Complete dentures rely on suction to stay in place.

If you are seeking extra security, we can discuss implant-retained dentures. Artificial roots are surgically placed in your jaw, and then the dentures are designed to affix to clips on the roots so that they snap into place.

We trust our restorations, including our partial and complete dentures, to skilled dental lab professionals. The lab will craft your dentures to our exact specifications, allowing for a lifelike smile that looks like you were born with it!

Caring for Dentures

Even though dentures are not natural teeth, they still need to be properly cared for. Without regular cleaning, a denture will collect food debris, bacteria, and fungus. In time, this can lead to damage to the denture, bad breath, and infections.

Your dentures should be cleaned daily. The best way to do this is to remove the denture and use a cleanser and brush specifically designed for dentures. Regular toothpaste and toothbrushes are too abrasive and will cause damage to the finish on your dentures. Drs. Charles and Emily Hurley will provide you with recommendations for appropriate denture cleaning products.

Your denture should also be removed at night to allow your gum tissue to breathe. While the denture is not in your mouth, it should be kept in water so that it stays hydrated. Allowing the denture to dry out or using water that is too hot to clean it can cause the denture to warp and change shape. Dropping the denture can also cause damage and changes to the way it fits, even if you can’t see the changes. If you drop your denture or notice that it is fitting slightly differently, call our office so that we can examine the denture and determine whether a repair is needed.

Call for Your Consultation

You don’t have to tolerate the hassles and discomforts of missing teeth. Call today to schedule an evaluation with our dentists and find out if dentures can help you take back your quality of life. 

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