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Are my silver fillings bad for my health?

The idea that silver fillings contain mercury and are bad for your health has been a hot topic in the media and on the Internet. While it is true that silver fillings do contain mercury, the form of mercury that is in silver fillings is not a hazard to your health. Repeated testing by the CDC and the U.S. Department of Public Health has shown silver fillings to be safe, and no ill effects have been linked to the mercury in silver fillings.

Drs. Charles and Emily Hurley do not recommend removing a silver filling unless there is a true need such as decay or a crack in the filling. Silver fillings can be replaced with a tooth-colored filling upon a patient’s request, but you should be aware that most insurances will not cover the procedure due to it being considered cosmetic. 

At our practice, we use tooth-colored composite fillings whenever possible. These fillings blend in beautifully with your enamel to the point where it is highly unlikely that even you would be able to spot the filling in your tooth! Tooth-colored fillings also require less removal of healthy tooth structure since they bond directly to the tooth and do not need us to create an "anchor" to mechanically hold the filling in place. 

If you have any concerns about your fillings, please call our practice for an evaluation.

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