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Why does my child need to have a filling on their baby tooth?

Even though your child will eventually lose these baby teeth, it is important to keep baby teeth healthy until the permanent teeth are ready to come in.

If we prematurely lose our baby teeth, it can delay eruption of our permanent teeth. Our baby teeth act as a guide for the adult teeth to properly erupt. Without our baby teeth, it is more likely that we will have crowding and misaligned teeth. To correct crowding or misaligned teeth, more expensive treatment, like orthodontics, will be required. 

Even though we have the skills to treat many dental problems and excellent relationships with local orthodontists and other specialists, we would prefer to prevent problems from developing in the first place – a sentiment we are sure you share! 

Fillings, or even crowns, on damaged baby teeth can prevent significant future treatment, which makes them worthwhile now. 

If your child is complaining of a toothache or has had an accident that resulted in damage to a tooth (even if damage is only suspected!), please call our office to schedule an evaluation with one of our friendly, gentle dentists. Drs. Charles and Emily Hurley have experience treating children, and we take extra steps to make sure their experiences in our office are comfortable and even fun! 

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