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Why did my dentist recommend a nightguard?

The number one reason a dentist recommends a night guard is due to nocturnal clenching and bruxism (grinding). Most people do not know they are clenching or grinding their teeth because they do it subconsciously while sleeping. Clenching and grinding has many detrimental effects on a person’s dentition. Untreated clenching and grinding can lead teeth to chip and crack, which can lead to teeth requiring crowns or, even worse, extraction. It is also believed that clenching and grinding can cause abfraction (wedges or notches in teeth at the gum line). 

One of our goals is to provide long-term preventive solutions that reduce your risk for dental conditions and injuries. Nightguards can be a smart investment in your long-term dental health, especially if you are already showing any signs of grinding or clenching. This condition sets off a vicious cycle that can have serious long-term consequences. 

If your partner has told you that you clench or grind your teeth while you sleep or you've noticed some of the other signs that point to nighttime bruxism such as pain in your jaws, a sense that your teeth are loose, teeth that look unusually short, or frequent headaches, please call our office today for an evaluation.

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