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Do I really need to have my teeth cleaned every six months?

The short answer is yes!

At Hurley Family Dentistry, we understand life gets busy with work and family, but it is important to keep up a regular schedule of dental examinations and cleanings because the six-month checks allow us to detect disease early. Early detection of cavities can mean the difference between a filling versus a crown or – even worse – an extraction.

Your cleanings are also a key treatment in the fight against periodontal disease. Cleanings allow us to remove debris from beneath the gumline (where your toothbrush and floss have a hard time reaching), significantly reducing your risk for this chronic infection. At your six-month check, we'll also look for any signs of developing periodontal disease so that we can begin treatment early, when necessary. 

Cavities and periodontal disease aren't the only things we're looking for at your examinations, either. Oral cancer is a very serious threat and can strike just about anyone at any age. The early detection of a cancerous lesion in the mouth greatly increase one's survival rate. 

We take your dental health and your overall health seriously. Regular preventive cleanings and checks go a long way toward reducing risk and could even save your life. 

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